Work Experience

We believe passionately that the experience or work is vital for every student.

This can be developed using work based visits, practical work experience, guest speakers, specific curriculum projects along with individualised work based programmes.

All students have access to work experience at Winton. It no longer takes the model of a traditional two week block but is now personalised to ensure the best outcome for every student.

Work based learning – Curriculum 

Where appropriate a small number of students undertake work experience as part of a bespoke curriculum model. Working alongside local employers we have develop links which allow us to engage students, preparing them for post 16 learning. Each placement is monitored in accordance with statutory guidelines and authorised by the Headteacher following the appropriate level of risk assessment and quality assurance to ensuring safeguarding and purpose for learning are appropriate. The operational work around these placements is monitored by the house team.

Work based learning – placement

Where a student, teacher or parent has identified an opportunity for a work placement to add value to learning such placements will be arranged. They may be for up to 6 weeks in total and may include up to one week out of school at the end of the summer term. All placements are arranged in line with statutory guidance and authorised only once all requirements are met. These placements must be linked to learning and subject study. They will be monitored by the subject teacher and tracked by the students’ mentor.

Guest Speakers

Across the year the Academy will host a range of guest speakers linked to employment, education and training. Each visit will have a curriculum link and a relationship with post 16 opportunities for the young people. Each visit must be authorised by the headteacher in line with safeguarding guidance. Visits will be organised by the relevant teaching staff.

Visits to employment

Across all year groups visits to employers will be part of curriculum provision. Each visit must have both a curriculum link and a link to developing careers understanding. All visits must be approved in line with school policy. All visits can then be seen via the school website and planned visits to date can be seen elsewhere on this site.

Curriculum projects

Across all curriculum areas work related projects are encouraged with examples of good practice in areas such as business and technology. Each curriculum area has a business link and through curricular and extra curricular work we now have projects running to develop the opportunities for students. Various examples of these can be seen elsewhere in the website.