Teaching Staff


Ms C Aylmer - Head of English 
Mr R Watters -  English/Leader of Disadvantaged Student Progress rwatters@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs J Morley - Davies - English jmorleydavies@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs M Evans - English mevans@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs N Snelgrove - English/Literacy Strategy Co-Ordinator  nsnelgrove@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs R Bartholomew - English rbartholomew@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs Z Crockford - English  zcrockford@wintoncommunityacademy.org


Modern Foreign Languages

Mr G Brown - Head of Languages (French/Italian/Spanish)/Whole School Literacy/EAL gbrown@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Miss M Redero - Spanish mredero@wintoncommunityacademy.org


Mr A Head - Director of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics ahead@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr A Kolb - Head of Maths  akolb@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Miss M Wilson - Maths mwilson@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr D Launder - Maths  
Miss L Jacobs  - Maths 


Miss R Teal - Second in Science rteal@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Miss J King - Lead Teacher Science/Catering jking@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr L Spencer - Science/Communication Co-Ordinator lspencer@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs M Chandarana - Science mchandarana@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs R Cross - Science rcross@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs S Webster - Head of Humanities/History swebster@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr P George - Geography pgeorge@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr M Ashworth - Religious Studies/PE  mashworth@wintoncommunityacademy.org

Technology & Alternative Curriculum
Mr M Lee - Head of Technology/Alternative Curriculum mlee@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr D King - FLP

Mr P Messingham - Photography pmessingham@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Business Studies/Computer Science
Mr A Head - Computer Science  ahead@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr N Thomas - Business Studies nthomas@wintoncommunityacademy.org

Performing Arts
Mr S Flavell - Director of Visual & Performing Arts/Assistant Headteacher/HOH Brunel sflavell@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr P Messingham - Deputy Director of Visual & Performing Arts/Photography/Innovation             Co-Ordinator pmessingham@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Miss C Franklin - Dance/Communication Co-Ordinator cfranklin@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr N Thomas  - Headteacher/Performing Arts nthomas@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr D Launder - Performing Arts/Maths  dlaunder@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs Z Crockford - Art zcrockford@wintoncommunityacademy.org

Physical Education
Mrs N Chewins -  PE/Child Development nchewins@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr Iain Parsons - Assistant Vice Principal/English/Media/PE/HOH Darwin iparsons@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr Martin Ashworth - PE mashworth@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Miss K Webb - PE/Assistant Headteacher/HOH Newton kwebb@wintoncommunityacademy.org


Miss J King - Catering/Leader Teacher Science                                                                                                    

Child Development 

Miss K Webb - Child Development/Assistant Headteacher/HOH Newton                                          
Mrs N Chewins - Child Development/PE


Mr I Parsons - Media/Assistant Headteacher/Director of Sports/HOH Darwin
Mrs R Bartholomew - Media/English



Mrs E Jennings - SENDCo ejennings@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs J West - Intervention Team Leader jwest@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Miss L Cook - LSA lcook@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs K Morris - LSA kmorris@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs K Allnutt - LSA kallnutt@wintoncommunityacademy.org 
Ms S Chivers - Head of Pastoral Care schivers@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs N Worsley - Deputy Head of Pastoral Care nworsley@wintoncommunityacademy.org


Support Staff

Mrs J Lusk - PA to Headteacher/HR Manager jlusk@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs H Pennicott - Director of Business services/Site Manager hpennicott@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs J Butland - Data Manager jbutland@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs S Patterson - Cover Supervisor spatterson@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs L Flavell - Marketing/Press/Social Media Administrator
Mrs A Rennie - Finance Assistant arennie@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mrs N'Oneill - Receptionist noneill@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Miss S Stockwell - Attendance Administrator sstockwell@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Network Management
Mr R Elsey - ICT Systems Manager relsey@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Science Technician
Mr M Bull - Senior Technician/Grounds Maitenance mbull@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Site Staff
Mrs T Envis - Buildings Operations Supervisor tenvis@wintoncommunityacademy.org
Mr M Bull - Grounds Maintenance
Mr E Weymouth - Buildings Operations Assistant