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Tech 2D and 3D

The subject area explores the development of both 2D and 3D outcomes.

Students are encouraged from early on to develop their CAD skills as this opens up endless opportunities for them in terms of outcomes. With a variety of CNC machines students can output their ideas in print, vinyl, plastic, timber and metal.

Project assignments are developed with the students in mind and offer plenty of flexibility for choice and engagement. This allows the most creative and able design student to express themselves and ideas fully.

In the lower school there is a focus on investigation work as well as design and make skills. There is a big drive on literacy within the subject to help support their understanding of how other designers work and the influences behind their ideas. This can really help develop their own ideas and way of thinking.

Students in Year 9 follow a ‘mock’ qualification that builds towards their final years. The consistency and format of assignments, assessment and tracking helps gear them up with the necessary skills, confidence and independence before they leave the year.

By the time students move through Year 10 and Year 11 the level and quality of their CAD work is easily evident in the quality of outcomes. Students work on contemporary themed assignments including a Bansky graffiti project, celebrity tattoos, café design and a 3D packaging assignment.