Welcome to History 

Our history course offers a rich and diverse variety of topics to interest every budding historian. We explore some of the most dynamic aspects of modern international history.

This includes:

Germany during the exceptional inter-war period of transition between the years of 1919 - 1939

The historical roller coaster of American history between the years of 1929 - 2000

We also of course explore our very own national history of the Elizabethan Age, 1559-1603

The new GCSE course also offers students the opportunity to study the theme of Health and Medicine through Time

Assessment Details:

The new GCSE syllabus will be assessed by examination with a separate paper for each topic covered.

The exam papers will contain a combination of source based questions and questions which require students to draw on their own knowledge.

Students will be supported and coached throughout the GCSE course in order to develop their exam technique.

Skills Developed:

Students will develop a deep knowledge of the selected periods and understand how the world has been shaped by these events and people during these years. 

Students will actively engage in historical enquiry and uncover the truth about what went on before us.  Delving into the past and scrutinising historical sources will nurture a natural curiosity and students will become adept historical detectives. 

Students will develop the ability to communicate their understanding clearly, both in written and spoken form as we debate the significance of key events and people.

Students will develop confidence to share their opinions whilst appreciating the views of them with others.

Progression Post:

GCSE history paves the way for students to naturally follow a path intoo AS/A2 History and in the longer term on to degree level. 
A History qualification at any level continues to be a highly regarded qualification by colleges and employees.  It demonstrates a particular level of skill in many areas which can then be applied elsewhere.
Foe example History can lead to a career in journalism, law, politics, media, teaching, arcaeology, army, police work and much  more. 
Not only does the study of History open up many career opportunities, our hope also is students will go on to share our life - long love of this amazing subject which has something to offer everyone. 

Who should be contacted for further information:

Mrs S Webster - History Teacher and Head of Humanities.