Welcome to Humanities

“ The Humanities are the study of what makes us human, of what it means to be human.   The Humanities are where we locate our own lives, our own meanings. We need the advanced study of Humanities so that we might, some day, become advanced humans.”

The Humanities Team share a common goal: to provide outstanding teaching and learning opportunities for all. Our vision is to be outstanding in everything we do.

Our planet is here to be explored, understood and questioned. Both its past and its present. The Humanities subjects offer students these opportunities and create an environment where all styles of learner are keen to know more.

At Winton Community Academy, Humanities is taught in three discreet subjects, History, Geography and RS from Year 7. At the end of Year 8 students will opt for one or two or these subjects.

Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 has been carefully designed to capture the imagination of every pupil and develop a thirst for more knowledge

We endeavour to instil in our learners self - confidence, self – motivation, empathy, collaboration, independence and problem solving skills. All attributes which will help them become life-long learners and prepare them for an ever changing world.

For many these experiences inspire a desire for further learning at Key Stage 4 where all of the 3 Humanities subjects are available as a GCSE option. The Humanities subjects are popular options at Key Stage 4 and each syllabus includes a variety of traditional and contemporary topics which appeal to a large audience.