Welcome to Geography

In Geography we aim to develop students understanding of modern contemporary geographical issues facing the world today. Not only do we aim to enhance students understanding traditional human and physical geography, we also analyse our relationship with the world, with a focus on the issue of sustainability

Assessment Details:

Component 1/ Global Geographical Issues - This component draws across physical and human processes and people. This component is divided into three sections (Hazardous Earth/ Development dynamics/ Challenges of an urbanising world).

Component 2/ UK Geographical Issues - This component is divided into three sections (The UK’s evolving physical landscape/ The UK’s evolving human landscape/ Geographical investigations).

Component 3/ People and Environmental Issues -  In this component, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of processes and interactions between people and environment and investigate related issues at a variety of scales. The component is divided into three sections (People and the biosphere/ Forests under threat/ Consuming energy resources).

Why study Geography?

Geography is a vitally important subject for those students who have a keen interest in the world around them. In today’s global community it is paramount that we understand how we are connected to the world around us. Geography is a traditional academic subject respected by employers and colleges alike.

What would this subject enable me to do when I leave Winton?

GCSE Geography paves the way for students to naturally follow a path into AS/A2 Geography and in the longer term on to degree level.

A Geography qualification at any level continues to be a regarded qualification by colleges and employees. It demonstrates a particular level of skill in many areas which can them be applied elsewhere. 

For example Geography can lead to a career in journalism, law, politics, media, teaching, and the environment agency to name just a few possible pathways.

Who should be contacted for further information?

Mr George