Welcome to Physical Education

Our aim in Physical education is to allow Students to:

      •     Lead   
      •       Enjoy
      •       Play as part of a team
      •       Show resilience
      •     Develop Confidence      
      •       Display excellence in their chosen area
      •       Make healthy choices for life
They will have the opportunity to develop in each of these areas by following a broad but balanced programme of physical activity in curriculum time and through a wide range of extra- Curricular activities.

Students will have the opportunity to represent their house in sports tournaments and competitions, which are held regularly throughout the school year.
School teams are part of what we do and in each area opportunities, exist that allow students to pursue high level performance.

Those students who demonstrate enthusiasm, excellence and commitment have the opportunity to study Physical Education at GCSE level. This subject will bring together their endeavour in different activities alongside their understanding of Sports Science.