Business Studies

Welcome to Business Studies

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of them all" – Micheal LeBoeuf

Why would you want to study Business Studies?

Business makes the world go round. In nearly every country in the world there is a business infrastructure. There are a huge number of pathways for someone studying business - from creating the next technology start-up company to managing a key team of pharmaceutical research scientists.

Studying Business Studies will give you a good understanding of how companies and organisations work and what the current business world is like.

Choosing other subjects to combine with Business Studies at school?

Popular subjects to combine business studies with are Languages, Maths, English, Politics, History, Computing and Economics.

Be warned though that some competitive universities don't like both Economics and Business Studies being studied separately as part of your three subjects.

What could you do with Business Studies at University?

Studying for a Business degree allows you to develop a broad understanding of Business and develops your knowledge of key areas such as Financial Markets, Customer Relationships, Corporate Finance, Operations, Communications, Business Policy and Business Strategy.

There are a huge range of Business degrees available. To keep things simple, your main options are:

  • A broad Business degree - sometimes called Business Management - where you will study a range of modules to give you an overall understanding of the different areas of Business.
  •  A more specialised degree which will cover one area in more detail - for example Marketing, Accounting or even Economics of Contemporary China.

It's relatively common to study a joint degree where you can combine Business with another subject such as Computer Science, a Language or Law.

An increasing number of Business degree courses also include something called a 'Sandwich Placement' where you will spend time on a work placement as part of your degree - a great way to gain experience!

There are also other degrees that cover aspects of Business Studies including; Business Information Technology,         E-Business, Logistics, Business and Management, International Business Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

  •  What careers can you consider with Business Studies?

    A Business degree can prepare you for a broad range of careers in Business, which can stretch across any sector or industry - from Chemicals to Utilities to Fashion to Construction.

    Some examples of jobs directly linked to Business Studies include;

    Management Consultant  A Management Consultant is a doctor for business. If a company is failing or needs a boost they often bring in someone to give advice and boost a certain part of the company.

    Human Resources Officer  A Human Resources (HR) Officer looks after the people within a company from hiring and recruitment of new employees to any internal staffing matters.

    Marketing Executive  A Marketing Executive works on the branding and promotion of an organisation. Chartered Accountant  A Chartered Accountant provides financial advice and support to

    organisations/public companies/private companies and individuals.

    As well as these roles Business Studies is an excellent subject for keeping your career options open because of the range of transferable skills it gives you, including:

  •   An understanding of organisational behaviour and structure

  •   Analytical and critical thinking

  •   A creative approach to problem solving

  •   Decision-making

  •   Persuasive written and oral communication

  •   Numeracy and the ability to research, interpret and use business and financial data

  •   Self-reliance, initiative and the ability to manage time, projects and resources

  •   Appreciation of the causes and effects of economic and other external changes

    Due to the ability to learn these skills, Business Studies graduates can often be found in Marketing, Finance and Accountancy. 

    At Winton Community Academy you can study Business across 3 years and learn so much that will help you in the future.

    Our work on exciting projects with Bournemouth university, Dell and Lloyds are just examples of how we bring Business to life.