Languages at Winton 

The 21st century world is truly multinational.  British companies regularly interact with businesses and corporations from all the corners of the globe.  As such the ability to be able to use and understand foreign languages is rapidly becoming an extremely useful skill for all learners.

At Winton all learners at Key Stage 3 are offered the opportunity to develop skills and aptitudes in French.  We aim to develop both comprehension (listening and reading) and production skills (speaking and writing) via a variety contexts.  Our aim is to produce learners who would be confident enough to cope in France in a range of everyday scenarios, such as buying food, booking accommodation, asking for directions and holding simple personal conversations. 

Key Stage 4 students are offered the opportunity to further develop these skills in preparation for the GCSE exam, which is currently undertaken with the Edexcel board.  Students are required to produce spoken and written Controlled Assessments during the course and comprehension skills are examined by formal exams at the end of the course.  Students are able currently to opt to study French or Italian at GCSE, although we aim to accommodate wishes to study other languages where possible.

Links with schools in different countries are sought and developed to enable students to experience interaction with genuine native speakers of the foreign language. In the past, students have been able to participate in email exchanges with students in France and Italy and in the summer of 2013 a group of students visited Italy as part of the Academy’s involvement in a Comenius project.