Welcome to Photography

The Consortium Photography course offered at Winton Community Academy aims to develop and inspire pupils to create stunning photographic images.

Trips are an integral part of the course and offer pupils the chance to go to different locations with a photography teacher to get the best out of the images they capture. Previous visits have included, Bournemouth, Brighton, London (both gallery and location shoots), Thorpe Park (Fright Night), the south coast and New York.

It is a 2 year course, within the first year the students do a G.C.S.E. in Photography, the second year consists of a BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Photography.

GCSE Photography - Year 10

Pupils will have to complete a coursework section and a controlled assessment (exam type) section. 

The coursework will consist of a digital folio covering the following topics:

  • Portraiture - photographing people, the equipment used, lighting techniques, the study of famous photographers and editing techniques (Photoshop).
  • Still Life - The photographing of object in a completely controlled environment. Lighting techniques, background choices and the preparation of the subject. There is also editing skills in Photoshop.
  • Image Manipulation - the digital enhancement of photographs to produce a different outcome. Very heavily Photoshop based.

The marks from the coursework will be out of 80 and consist of 60% of the pupils final grade. The remaining 40% will come from the Controlled Assessment.

The controlled assessment part of the course is a 10 hour project under exam conditions. The preparation for this will start in January, with the controlled assessment in April. Pupils will have to pick a topic from a given list and produce a  folio based on this topic. There is guidance and help available for this.

BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Photography

This course is based entirely on coursework submitted by the pupil. The areas covered are:

  • Photographic Techniques and Application - to experiment with photographic techniques to produce quality outcomes, develop ideas and review own solutions and critique them.
  • Working with Photographic Briefs - pupils will research, develop and produce outcomes for a specific brief. These briefs aim to develop the pupils photographic skills across a variety of subject matters.
  • Location Photography - to teach the skills needed to get high quality photographic outcomes on location. The planning of the shoot, equipment choice, and the specific equipment needed. The choice of location has a direct relationship to the images that you want to produce.

All work is done on a digital portfolio and marked within Winton Community Academy in accordance with the BTEC mark scheme.