AS Philosophy Curriculum

Key learning topics:

For the AS level you’ll have an introduction to philosophy in two parts.  Part 1 includes subjects like ‘The idea of God, and ‘Why should I be moral?’  

Part 2 includes ‘Realism and idealism’ and ‘Free will and determinism’. This will really get you into the mindset of philosophy, from where you can spread your wings and consider loftier subjects.



Philosophy helps students develop a number of new skills:

- How to think for yourself and question the norm

- How to examine information in a critical way

- How to form judgements based on clear evaluation

of information

- How to put your point of view across clearly

- How to take responsibility for your own learning.



There are two exams; one covering what you learned in Part 1, the other Part 2. Each 90 minute paper will account for 50% of your marks for the year.