Welcome to Religious Studies

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All students at Winton Community Academy study Religious Studies from years 7-9.   At Key Stage 4, all students follow the Level 2 Thinking and Reasoning Skills course which encompasses RS related topics.

The Edexcel GCSE course in Religious Studies is offered for students from Years 9-11, who may opt to study as an extra-curricular activity.


 The approach taken is one which aims to encourage students to:

•    Learn more about the global society in which they live

•    Examine their own beliefs

•    Analyse a variety of views

•    Consider life’s big questions

•    Examine their own decision-making and behaviour through a study of contemporary issues.

·      Learn to respect others


 Through this we hope to contribute to:

•    The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students

•    Community cohesion on a local and national level

•    Promotion of equal opportunities

•    Encouragement of diversity

•    Critical thinking and writing skills essential to success in the workplace


The topics studied in Years 8 & 9 include:

·      What is belief?

·      World religions

·      Inspirational people

·      World poverty: Can I make a difference?

·      Is there life after death?

·      Does God exist?

·      Is it ever right to take life?

·      Community cohesion