Welcome to the Innovate learning area page! 
At Innovate we believe the principles of Mathematics and Science help explain the world around us.  Our vision for learners is to nurture natural curiosity to help them understand how and why things work the way they do and whether we can improve them further. 

We offer a caring; supportive learning environment in which students are encouraged to take part in extra classes after school to help them make further progress.

Learning in the Innovate faculty places the emphasis on learning Mathematics and Science through doing activities, experiments and using new technologies.  Enquiry based learning is at the heart of what we do.  Lessons strive to be are fun and exciting and can often take us out of the normal classroom environment to try out our ideas. Project based learning in Year 7 is a prime example of this and ties Mathematics and Science into themed projects which allows students to test and apply ideas and knowledge to real life situations. 

Student progression is very important to us and our planning ensures that individual students starting points are built upon to enable rapid progress to be made .All learning outcomes are carefully mapped on to the National Curriculum to ensure coverage of the fundamental aspects of Mathematics and Science.  

At KS4 we use these problem solving skills taught at KS3 to empower our students to tackle GCSE Mathematics, Science, Additional Science, Triple Science and Engineering courses.  We encourage learners to be independent thinkers who will be able to apply their knowledge to the KS4 curriculum and beyond.