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Curriculum Overview

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We believe that students should be encouraged to make as much progress as possible from their own starting point.  Therefore students follow a ‘stage not age’ based programme of study which takes into account their current knowledge, skills and understanding. This allows us to establish a strong secure, foundation from which students can progress rapidly with confidence.

Qualifications in Mathematics

By the end of Key Stage 4 all students will have followed the main pathway of taking the GCSE exam.

They will also have the opportunity to follow a functional skills course in year 11 which will allow them to access a level 1 or 2 functional skills qualification in addition to their GCSE. The functional skills qualification counts as half a GCSE.

Students will undertake a programme of study that build upon previous knowledge, skills and understanding covered at KS3. The syllabus is split into 4 main areas of mathematics specialism. Using and Applying Mathematics, Number & Algebra, Shape and Space, Handling Data, Students will follow a programme of study that covers topics in Number, Algebra, Shape and Data. Using and Applying mathematics is prevalent in all these areas with and deals with the application of mathematics in different situations. The course also has a functional skills element which looks at how skills can be applied in every day life such as personal finance.