Welcome to Mathematics

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At Winton Community Academy our aim is to inspire young people to see the true beauty of mathematics in the wider world, bringing maths alive and making it exciting, relevant and easy.  We focus on ensuring every student makes progress in mathematics regardless of their starting point. 

Key Stage 3 

When students arrive at Winton Community Academy they will cover all aspects of mathematics .

The subject is split into five main areas:

  • Number 
  • Algebra 
  • Shape, space and measure 
  • Data handling
  • Using and applying mathematics

students are set according to their own ability with regularly termly assessments to ensure they are in the correct group. Students are able to move sets throughout the year, depending on how much progress they make.

Key Stage 4 - Qualifications in mathematics

By the end of Key Stage 4 all students will complete the new Edexcel maths GCSE.  The new GCSE is graded 1-9 and requires students to complete three 90 minute papers.  One paper is non calculator and two papers allow the use of calculators.  Students will be tiered according to their ability, on the foundation paper grades 1 to 5 can be achieved and grades 3 to 9 can be obtained on the higher tier paper.

Pupils have the opportunity to attend revision sessions throughout the year to help prepare them for their GCSE.  We offer revision sessions after school and during some school holidays with many students taking advantage of these extra sessions.


Students should come to maths lessons fully prepared and ready to learn.  They should have a pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, protractor, pair of compasses and a calculator.  This equipment is also essential for completing homework.