Welcome to Religious Studies 

Course Details:

The course is perfect for those who wish to discover more about the world and increase knowledge of their own beliefs.
The first unit will deal with the more personal aspects and will include the morals and ethics of subjects such as euthanasia, good and evil, belief in God, how the world was formed and matters that impact on communities, such as the concept of war and issues with the modern world including pollution and politics.

The second and third units will deal with more, developing students knowledge and understanding of the beliefs, teachings and practices of Christianity and Islam.  This will ensure lots of lively discussions, informed writing and students completing the course with their personal views cemented or changed. 


This is externally assessed by examination by three papers:

Unit 1: 2 hours 

Unit 2: 1 hour 

Unit 3: 1 hour 

Skills Developed:

You will have the opportunity to develop verbal and written reasoning skills and applying them to ‘big questions’.

Having an opinion is not enough for today’s world; there is a greater need to be able to justify a position with logical arguments.

Students will develop their understanding of other people and their customs.  In our increasingly multi cultural world there is a greater need than ever to understand people of a different religion or cultural background and this GCSE gives the perfect springboard to this.

Progression Post:

The Philosophy and Ethics course is useful for a wide variety of careers and post 16 progression. AS and A2 Philosophy and RS is a popular choice and is offered at many local colleges.  Careers which benefit from the subject are a diverse law. medicine and teaching.  There is an increasing need for students to 'weigh' up ethical situations which professions such as these need. 

Who should be contacted for further information:

Mr M Ashworth