Sensory and/or physical needs.

My child has sensory and/or 
physical needs.

This section covers pupils who have difficulties with:



        Gross motor co-ordination
        Fine motor co-ordination 

        It includes conditions such as cerebral palsy or physical injury.

Please see communications and interaction section for sensory issues relating to ASD/Asperger Syndrome. 

What does Winton Community Academy offer?

All pupils at Winton Community Academy can access:

        Quality first teaching with appropriate differentiation.

        Visual aids to support key vocabulary, concepts and themes.

        Access to homework support clubs.

Support for targeted groups of pupils may include:

        Medical care plans.

        Handwriting/fine motor/keyboard skills training.

        Access to assistive technology software.

        Access to Learning Support Assistant Support.

Targeted individual support may include :    

        1:1 Outside agency support from advisory teachers.

        Individual handwriting/fine motor/keyboard skills training.

        Specialist equipment and materials, such as low vision aids and enlarged adapted resources.

        Access to assistive technology or software. 

        Targeted LSA support.

        Exam access arrangements.

These options are agreed upon each pupil after parents/carers have been informed and are regularly reviewed/modified.